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Who is your motorsport idol:
Ayrton Senna

Category: Leopard Light, Clubman Light, Aussie Racing Cars
Race Number: 19
Name: George Gutierrez
Occupation (or School/year): High School Graduate
Age: 19
Chassis: OTK, Redspeed – Omega, TK-25
Engine: Leopard X30
Engine Builder: TD Racing
Sponsors: Out’ n’ About Mobile Machine, Iannace Refrigerated Transport, OTK Racing Team, TD Racing, FA karts
Quick Driver Info Karting debut (when and where): Bolivar, South Australia, Midgets 2003
Why you started racing: I started Racing Because ever since I was born, I loved my motorsport.
First motorsport memory as a child: Going to watch the f1s in Melbourne with dad, 2002.
Dream job as a child: F1 Driver, V8supercar Driver
Best driver you’ve ever seen in a kart: David Sera, that man is unbelievable
Highlight of your career: Winning the SA open In Junior Clubman
Who is your motorsport idol: Ayrton Senna
Most embarrassing moment of your career: In midgets, I was winning by a fair bit and then went to true the carbie but instead I turned of the engine and me thinking the engine had conked up on me.
How did you go in your first ever race: Yeah, round and round haha
Best Advice ever received: 1x Open State Title, 2x Closed State Title
Favourite kart track: Puckapunal, Phillip Island
Favourite TV show: Topgear, Speed TV, American Dad, Family Guy
If you were a cartoon character who would you be: Speedy Gonzales
What is the best meal that you can cook: Chilean Steak Sandwich
Favourite sport away from motorsport: Football (soccer)
Worst habit: Eating way too much.
First Car: Mitsubishi Magna

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